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Entry #3

bad news

2009-08-30 17:24:05 by lerox

i was ready to upload some of my art but the scanner did not show the lines visibly , i tryed about 10 scans in different ways and the result was still the same , the problem would be solved by simply going over the lines in darker but doing that would simply ruin the art that i would do and normaly it takes 1 hour and abit for me to finish one drawing (Just the drawing) becuase i like to make things as best as they can be ;) oh and the drawings i do are hand drawn and the swonboarder in my profile was the 2nd ms paint drawing iver done so just so u know , MY DRAWINGS LOOK NOTHING COMPARED TO THAT CRAP I UPLOADDED(the swonboarder). ill try to find some way of resolving my drawing n scanner problem . suggestions would b good


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2009-11-08 00:01:34

huh. . . sounds awful, just awful, you have like some terrible lightly penciled drawings, and a crap scanner the settings for which you don't know how to change. no sympathy because you sir, are rude. hope yer scanner explodes, burning up your drawings, and deeming all 39 seconds of time you put into each, a waste of time