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bad news

2009-08-30 17:24:05 by lerox

i was ready to upload some of my art but the scanner did not show the lines visibly , i tryed about 10 scans in different ways and the result was still the same , the problem would be solved by simply going over the lines in darker but doing that would simply ruin the art that i would do and normaly it takes 1 hour and abit for me to finish one drawing (Just the drawing) becuase i like to make things as best as they can be ;) oh and the drawings i do are hand drawn and the swonboarder in my profile was the 2nd ms paint drawing iver done so just so u know , MY DRAWINGS LOOK NOTHING COMPARED TO THAT CRAP I UPLOADDED(the swonboarder). ill try to find some way of resolving my drawing n scanner problem . suggestions would b good

back in the NG

2009-08-29 14:43:01 by lerox

i will soon be submiting my own art into this =) , im only 14 so my drawings will be simple and basic and i am open to anyway that it could be improved , i already got art , but most are good BUT theywhere other peoples copyed drawings . SO SOON i will be making my own , new , original art and i will be submiting it here =) .

need help

2009-04-18 17:40:54 by lerox

yo so wassup ppl , hey i just need a lil help , anyone know where i can get a free program for my computer that is like flash?? i rlly wanna make some vids , pm me if so.